Service Terms (the Terms) ofChina Socks Website(  

1. The Confirmation & Acceptance of the Terms: is the sole owner of all the rights to the Site including the operation and explanation right.
Use of the Service indicates that you accept the terms and conditions set forth below. Reading the Terms and fulfilling the ˇ°Sign inˇ± process designate your consent to be bound by the Embm Membership Agreement and your complete acceptance of the contents of the Service Terms.

2. In consideration of the systemic demand of Embm Service, I as a user agree:
• To provide detailed and accurate user's information timely. All the original-typed information will be cited as registration information.
• Providing the alteration of registration information, the user needs to update this information. All the registration information will be regarded as the accurate info that identifies the user's identity as well as the effective user info we admit to hold activities and gain customer support. If the user info is wrong, dishonest, old-fashioned, or incomplete, we reserve the right to end the user to use our service. Thus Embm will be not able to provide adequate help to the user in need due to the failure to confirm the identity of user and his right to employ the account, and the results will be on your own account.
• To accept the message which Embm occasionally sends to your E-mail box. If the info is not correct, Embm will reserve the right to modify even delete any false, illegal, slanderous information, and finally end his membership. Taking this term means to acknowledge that Embm will occasionally amend this term.

3. The amendment of the Term
Embm has the right to amend this Service Term at any necessary time. If amended, Embm will remind you at our major pages. If the user don't agree the amended terms, he or she may stop the service. If agree, this will be regarded as the acceptance of the amendment.

4. Account, Password and their security
Once becoming a member of Embm, you will get an account and a password. The member will take full responsibility of security of them. Embm will not take any responsibility regarding the security and secrecy of the account and password as well as the loss resulting from the leakage of them. Due to different ranks of membership, the members are entitled with different authority. Besides, every member is in charge of all the activities and events connected with his account. Member of Embm can change his password at any time, also can close the old account and open a new one. If one finds out that his account is being illegal used or there are other security loopholes, please do not hesitate to inform the Embm.

5. Member management
The members are required to be in charge of distributing info exclusively. The acceptance of the Terms is based upon that of the international, state and local law that suits the Embm Membership Service. Members are required to follow:

(1).The info you send must not violate the law.
(2).Use the Embm Membership Service with no other illegal use.
(3).Do not interfere or disturb the normal network of Embm.
(4).Obey all the agreements, regulations and formalities regarding the Embm Membership Service.

Including: promise not to transit or distribute:
(1).Any illegal, riotously, libelous , obscene information;
(2).Any data instigating other people to be a criminal;
(3).Any data concerning the state security;
(4).Any data violating international, state, and local laws;

It is strongly forbidden to enter other computer systems without permission. If the member cannot keep accordance with the terms mentioned above, the Embm can immediately cancel his or her member ID.
The Embm is not responsible for any info released by our members, including any loss or damage resulting from the mistakes by it.

Members agree to indemnify and maintain the interests of all members in Embm, and are in charge of the lawyer fees caused by extensive use of service, and compensations if violates the Service Terms as well as the claims if other one use the member's computer, account or other intellectual property rights.

7.Legal explanation
This Service Terms shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China . If the Terms conflict with the laws, they are subject to the laws.

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