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Zhejiang Soxnet Socks Co., Ltd.
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Booth Number: 64477¡¢64478
Address: No.333, North Shangcheng Road, Datang Street
Telephone: 86-0-18957575786
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Company Overview
Zhejiang Soxnet Socks Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, with its headquarters located in Datang Street, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China, known as the International Sock Capital. We are a specialized, modern, and international large-scale socks manufacturing enterprise with self-operated import and export rights, focusing on sock design, development, and production. Over the years, we have been committed to providing excellent sock products, becoming a powerful force in the world of fashion.

Our mission is to strive to provide customers with the most comprehensive products. We continuously innovate in product design and quality, emphasizing communication and cooperation with customers to meet diverse needs. Through offering high-quality products and services, we aim to achieve win-win outcomes and grow together with our customers.

Production Base
To better meet market demands, we have established 5 production bases in China, the United States, and Malaysia. Among them, in China, we own 3 large-scale factories covering an area of approximately 100,000 square meters, equipped with modern facilities and advanced production techniques. We take pride in our workforce, which consists of over 600 experienced and skilled employees, including more than 300 professional technicians. These talented individuals provide robust support for the continuous development and innovation of our company.

Production Capacity
Zhejiang Soxnet Socks Co., Ltd. is equipped with over 1500 advanced sock production machines and has complete stitching, shaping, packaging, and quality inspection workshops to achieve a fully closed-loop production process. We pay meticulous attention to each stage of production, ensuring consistent product quality. Currently, our annual production capacity reaches 500 million pairs of socks, allowing us to meet the large-scale demands of customers both domestically and internationally.

Product Lines
To cater to the diverse needs of different demographics, we offer several series of sock products, including:
Basic Leisure Series
Business Series
Sports Series
Infant and Toddler Series
Design Series
Functional Materials Series

We persistently pursue excellence in even the most ordinary tasks. Whether it is perfecting every detail of our products or maintaining communication and collaboration with our customers and partners, we strive for perfection. Continuously enhancing our competitiveness, we aim to achieve long-term and steady development.
Innovation and Design
In the ever-changing world of fashion, we deeply understand the importance of innovation and design. As such, we consistently invest resources and effort into developing new styles and materials. Additionally, we support the customized requirements of our customers, providing personalized design services to ensure that every pair of socks exudes unique charm.

International Certifications
We attach great importance to product quality and social responsibility, and have obtained several international certifications, including: OEKO-TEX, GRS, HIGG, SCAN, WRAP, and SEDEX.

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