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Zhejiang Kangjiesi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
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Booth Number: 61324
Address: 13 Chuangye Road, Taozhu Street
Telephone: 86-575-87779873
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Zhejiang kangjiesi new material technology co., ltd. was founded in May 2016. It locates in zhuji, shaoxing, zhejiang (capital of socks industry in China). The core team has 30 years of accumulation in the fields of textile antibacterial technology, waterproof technology and functional fiber, and has more than ten patents. It is a scientific and technological innovation company specializing  in the research and development and sales integration of antibacterial, waterproof, three-proofing and other functional textiles. It is military and civilian integration enterprises, provincial science and technology enterprises, national high-tech enterprises. The company has cooperated with hundreds of first-line brands at home and abroad, such as Li Ning, Anta, Septwolves, Uniqlo, Pierre Cardin and so on. The company's products can be widely used in the People's Liberation Army, armed police, public inspection law shoes, clothing, outdoor supplies, etc. Antibacterial fiber can be used in military socks, underwear, underwear, military shoes lining, etc. The three anti fiber can be used in fiber woven fabric shoes, outdoor sleeping bags, moisture-proof and warm sleeping MATS, warm clothing, etc. Single guide wet repellent fiber can be used for physical training clothing, can achieve the inner layer waterproof, outer layer suction and drainage performance.
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