Socks City, China Datang
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Company(Click to enter the website) Booth Number Main Products
Zhejiang Soxnet Socks Co.,ltd . 64477¡¢64478 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhejiang Yiheng Textile Technology Co.,ltd. 64280 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhejiang Kangjiesi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 61324 Material technology
Zhejiang Weihuan Machinery Co.,ltd. 60813 Sock machine
Zhejiang Pearlife Technology Co,.Ltd. 65725 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Tianxin knitting Co., Ltd. 64378 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Yorun Socks Industry Co., Ltd. 64269 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Hengtai Knitting & Textile Co., Ltd. 63880 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Qingyuan Knitting & Textile Inc.,ltd. 64365 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhejiang Luoqi socks Co.,ltd. 63870 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Kaiwei Knitting Co.,ltd. 63881 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Kolor Socks Co.,Ltd. 63768¡¢63769 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Grand Cloud Knitting And Textile Co.,ltd. 64180 hosiery£»knitwear
ZheJiang Spring Socks Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 63858 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Dawei Socks Factory 63770 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Buxin Socks Co., Ltd. 64465 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhejiang Winners Textile Co.,ltd. 63976¡¢63977 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Jiuli Knitting Co.,ltd. 65026¡¢65027 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhejiang Meibang Textile Co.,ltd. 65539¡¢65540 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Zufei Knitting Co., Ltd. 64574 hosiery£»knitwear
Zhuji Hengxiu Import And Export Co., Ltd. 64376 hosiery£»knitwear

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